Ladislav Miko
Head of Representation of European Commission in Slovakia. Ecologist and soil biologist. Professor at Antwerp University and Charles University.

Ladislav Miko (*1961) will be appointed as Head of the EC Representation in Slovakia in January 2018. Since January 2011, he was Deputy Director-General for Food Safety of the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission. His portfolio covered issues of food safety throughout the whole food chain, including e.g. plant and animal health, pesticides, biotechnology, food hygiene, nutrition, or food sustainability.He was also Acting Director-General in the period November 2014 – August 2015.In the period 2005 – 2010, he was Director for Nature, in the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission. In this position, he held responsibility for the Directorate-General’s work on nature and biodiversity, agriculture, soils and forests. He was initiating, among others, the policies related to economical valuation of ecosystem assets (TEEB), green infrastructure, invasive alien species, wilderness protection (chair of Wild Europe initiative), and special program to support biodiversity conservation and solve climate change impacts (BEST) in European Overseas Territories. During the Czech Presidency to EU Council in 2009 he was appointed as Minister of Environment of the Czech interim government.Before he started his career in the European Commission, he was Deputy Minister in the Czech Ministry for Environment and prior to this, he worked for 9 years as a professional soil biologist in Slovak Academy of Sciences, specialised in soil zoology and ecology. He published over 50 scientific papers, and his scientific work is on-going. He also works for popularisation of ecology and soil biology and published broadly in popular press. He holds a doctorate in zoology and ecology and he is Associate Professor of Prague University of Life Sciences and Guest Professor at University of Antwerp, teaching environment and society relations and ecological restoration courses. He was member of Board of Charles University in Prague.